Being a good electrical engineering student…


Exhausting it is to be a good student. Spending more time reading text books, visiting the library, solving problems…. but I’ve figured out that this is what I’ve got to do and I have got to fight to be a good student, besides, I love electrical engineering so much… I look at some of my friends at the laboratory (ITB Electric Energy Conversion Laboratory) who are “high-graded” academically, I envy them for the knowledge they have.

I regret for not being a good student these last three years at campus…. I hope that this last 3 semesters will pay for my laziness in my first 3 years…. must fight for it…


3 responses to “Being a good electrical engineering student…

  1. garogommaniasekali

    weleh weleh.

    i think it one of mf friend’s blogs…..
    i can’t speak anything bacause i don’t understand about his word in english…
    maybe in javanesse language, i can full understand wakakakakakakakak

    my word for “ndoro” nemi
    go ahead far and far. we fight together for better life, i take from “electricity for better life”

  2. you don’t have to push yourself towards something you’re NOT VERY eager to….

  3. gilaaaa! nemiii!! ganteng abis..

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